Sport in Bosa

In Bosa you can practice many sports: from kayaking on the River Temo to snorkeling of the crystal clear waters but also jogging on the waterfront or trekking. You can make beautiful walks boat trip on the River Temo, to admire the old tanneries, the old monuments on the banks of the river and the picturesque scenery of the city and the Castle of Malaspina in the background.

Sport in Bosa Corte Fiorita Albergo Diffuso
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Your stay at Corte Fiorita will be the perfect base for a holiday in Bosa: immersed in the very heart of one of the most picturesque and unspoiled historical centres of Sardinia, you will discover how to relax in surroundings that have been both preserved and equipped with modern comforts between the Malaspina castle, the Temo river and the pristine sea. Our mission is to enable you to experience a holiday in the past without losing out on comfort.

Start your holiday with us Corte Fiorita Albergo Diffuso